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Notary services

Notary certified translation – a service provided by the translation agency to confirm the authenticity of the translation made by the translator and a copy of the document. After the notarization procedure, the translation of the document enters into legal force.

Professional specialists of our translation agency are able make a notary certified translation of any documents: contract, passport, certification on secondary education, diploma and other important documents. In our office you can order urgent translation of documents and immediately certify them from our notary. You can also apply to us on the day off, on weekend and receive a certified translation.

Notary certified translations are carried out for a number of documents, among which the following are:

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Attorneys
  • Application forms
  • Evidences
  • Constituent documents
  • References
  • Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Passports
  • Balance sheets
  • Personal documents
  • Work books.

Notarization of translations is a process of certification of a translator’s signature by a notary and for the fact that the translation made by the translator who have signed it. That the translation is accurate, the content corresponds to the text of the source document. Notarized translation is a kind of quality sign for work made by a translator and a guarantee that he did it on a high professional level.

Before certifying the translation, the notary must ascertain the identity of the translator and the fact that he has a higher linguistic education. As according to the legislation of Kazakhstan, only certified linguists have the right to translate documents, which afterwards are certified by the notary. The professional notary includes the data of the translator in a special register and only after that the authenticity of the translator’s signature can be confirmed. The signature is a guarantee gives by the translator that the content of the translation corresponds to the original source text.

Notary certified translations – main points of procedure
In order to arrange the notary certified translation of documents, the client will need to provide the original document and a certified copy. Then the translator performs his part of the work. After that, the original and the translation (if necessary, a copy) are stitched together, the translator puts his signature, and the notary confirms its authenticity.

Requirements towards the documents represented to the notary certification:

  • It must be original documents, or their notary verified copies.
  • The document must be properly issued, contain the necessary signatures and seals of the organization that issued it.
  • The document should not contain corrections, additions, crossed words, mechanical damages and other defects. If the document is contained on two or more sheets, it must be numbered and stitched, otherwise the notary does not have the right to accept it.
  • If the document is issued by an organization from another country, it must contain an apostil (if the country signed the Hague Convention) or (for other countries) the legalization seal of the consular department of the embassy of the country to which belongs the organization that issued the very document.

In such kind of situation when because of several reasons is impossible to assure the translation of a document, our translation agency can be assured it of its own seal, but only in case when it is carried out by our translators.

The cost of the seal certification service, as well as the notarization of the document, is calculated on the basis of one document or the signature of the translator, regardless of the volume of the document to be certified. Also, the cost of the service includes copying, stitching, printing and fees, which the notary charges. Notary verification of a copy by cost also does not depend on the number of pages and is charged for one unit of the document.

Our task is to assist for the successful conduct of your business with international partners. The translation of contracts and notary certified translation of all documents are subject to additional verification by qualified native speakers. If necessary, we can carry out the notary certified translation of the contract urgently, faster than the standard deadlines are.

More detailed information about the service of notary certified translation and the details of its implementation, you can get by contacting our managers at the phones listed on our website. In the same way, you can complete the application.

Costs for notarization
Notarization of translation: 1 125 tenge/document
Certification by the seal of the translation agency: free of charge

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